The Burning Maze (The Trials of Apollo #3) by Rick Riordan: Book Review

The formerly glorious god Apollo, cast down to earth in punishment by Zeus, is now an awkward mortal teenager named Lester Papadopoulos. In order to regain his place on Mount Olympus, Lester must restore five Oracles that have gone dark. But he has to achieve this impossible task without having any godly powers and while... Continue Reading →


The Great Hunt (The Wheel of Time #2) by Robert Jordan: Book Review

The Forsaken are loose, the Horn of Valere has been found and the Dead are rising from their dreamless sleep. The Prophecies are being fulfilled - but Rand al'Thor, the shepherd the Aes Sedai have proclaimed as the Dragon Reborn, desperately seeks to escape his destiny. Rand cannot run forever. With every passing day the... Continue Reading →

Another 5 Epic Fantasy Series (I Need to Read) #3

5. Summoner by Taran Matharu Book 1 in this series is The Novice. When blacksmith apprentice Fletcher discovers that he has the ability to summon demons from another world, he travels to Adept Military Academy. There the gifted are trained in the art of summoning. Fletcher is put through grueling training as a battlemage to fight... Continue Reading →

How to Set out a Writing Schedule

I know that a lot of writers really do not like having their writing organised. Some days they will write from 1000-5000 words and other days maybe 0-30 words. This can work for some writers, and that's good, but if I try to write like that I often stop writing for a week, or several... Continue Reading →

Top 5 YA Fantasy Series

5. His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman The first book in this series, as I'm sure you all know, is The Golden Compass. I remembered first reading this on holiday to the middle of nowhere, and I sat in a small living room. I can't remember a great deal about it but I remember that I... Continue Reading →

How to Write a First Draft (Of Anything)

I believe it was Ernest Hemingway who said something along the lines of, "The first draft of everything is shit." He's not wrong. Writing a first draft is getting everything out on the page. Don't concern yourself too much with character development or the amount of dialogue/action/description you have compared to one another. Just get... Continue Reading →

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